integrated marketing communication & PR

We tell the stories about your company in such a way that they are heard, clearly understood and leave the desired impression. We organize events that last in memory. The  greatest result can be guaranteed by the components of the story. Therefore, we apply integrated  marketing tools as well as opinion-forming groups: the media, clients, business leaders, government representatives, citizen organisations and the public.

The difference between how you see yourself and how you are valued by your customers can be enormous, so we will help to move your brand to the desired position. Only your brand positioning strategy will determine where and how you will appear on a common business market map. An integrated approach and in-depth analysis will help to uncover your most important and prominent traits. Only in this way we can ensure the competitive advantage of your company in the market. We always aim to ensure the success of the project, so we constantly analyze the performance of indicators and, accordingly, we help to adjust marketing plans.

marketing & positioning strategies

export marketing strategies & execution

If you are in the business of developing services, solutions or products for the global market or consumers of a particular foreign country – we can help you. We will prepare you for your first steps in the market and make sure that you get attention.

We help you to adopt the data and technologies in order to create a proactive, sales generating campaign for your target audience. Our professional knowledge of consumer behavior as well as a specific analysis of your case enables us to increase customer satisfaction with your goods and services. Aiming to attract new customers, we rely on reliable data and collect sales potential – we integrate recommendation systems, content marketing and other tactics.

digital b2b marketing & content marketing