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Export marketing services

Export marketing services

Trademark for Export Markets

Whether you are developing a global brand or a tailored solution for a particular market, we can help you. We can offer an appropriate brand name, choose a colour pattern that most appropriate for the culture of the country so that the brand stands out from the competition, and develop an exceptional visual identity. When developing a brandbook, we take into account the peculiarities of the market and offer advice regarding the use of visual elements. Where necessary, we also offer a slogan and its creative translated version.

Website Tailored to Export Markets

We develop multi-language websites and online catalogues tailored to global markets. We also adapt existing corporate websites, taking into account the peculiarities of a particular market. Upon assessing the objectives of a particular business, we offer a localised website content strategy and a website tree, alongside with the graphics and images adapted for the local market. We arrange for a creative translation of the website content by giving the job to experienced translators who are native speakers of the target language. We also use their assistance when doing search engine optimisation for the website.

If the business pursues the objective of building the market image of a local trademark, we arrange for a domain characteristic of that geographical area, and localised contact information, where necessary.

Presentation Materials for Agents in Foreign Markets

We are well-aware of the importance of the first contact when establishing international business relations. Give us an opportunity to develop an engaging presentation of a business plan or a corporate presentation tailored to a particular culture and designed for the search of distribution or representation partners. We also arrange for business offer templates, brochures, flyers or product catalogues. Upon assessing market peculiarities and your business objectives, we come up with the concept of a creative approach and content, develop the content, arrange for a translation by a native speaker and create the design. We help companies reveal their best features and create the image of a reliable and stable business partner.

Preparations for International Trade Fairs

International trade fairs are a particularly important aspect of marketing for companies seeking to penetrate international markets and establish valuable contacts with partners and clients. We start by selecting the trade fairs that are worth-while participating in, considering the sector and the objectives of the business. Where appropriate, we negotiate the best strategic location of the booth and help the representatives of the company to prepare for their work at the event. We offer advice on the best ways of making the most of the event prior to its commencement, and maintaining long-term relationship with new contacts thereafter. We offer a graphical presentation of the booth, prepare a video as well as promotional flyers and other distribution materials for the event. We offer ideas on the best ways of engaging attendees and standing out amongst all other participants.

Social Network Marketing for Foreign Sales Promotion Purposes

We keep pace with social networking innovations and are well-aware of the best ways of exploiting them for the benefit of B2B relations. We develop corporate social network profiles and communication strategies for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twiter, YouTube and Instagram channels. We develop adapted content for the channels, act as social network account administrators, plan and implement integrated advertising campaigns. We focus on establishing and maintaining contacts with potential clients abroad, loyalty promotion, customer acquisition and improving the visibility in search systems.

Digital Marketing for Foreign Sales Promotion Purposes

Digital marketing is an easy way to reach foreign markets without having a physical presence there. We use e-mail marketing, SEO services and conversion optimisation, covering the full range from situation analysis to implementation and the development of appropriate content and design. We also develop and manage Google AdWords advertising as well as Google Display Network and Facebook marketing campaigns.



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